Application Process

Applying For Admission
The procedures for applying for admission vary from one college to another, but usually the first step is to research what application process your colleges use. Many colleges, like the state system of Florida colleges and universities, use their own applications that are available on their websites. Your best bet is to check their websites - get college website links here. Over 400 colleges and universities use the Common Application. The Common App allows students to enter their basic information one time, and send that to multiple colleges without having to repeat that information. This streamlines the application process for the student, college, and high school counseling office.

In most cases, you do not need to submit applications before the fall of your senior year. Basically, the college application consists of:

  • The student's basic information, and possible an essay and/or resume.
  • The official transcript (sent by the high school)
  • And for some colleges, the school counselor must complete a Secondary School Report Form, and there also might be teacher recommendations required.

Deadlines vary for all colleges and for special programs within a college. November 1 is a date that is used by many colleges for a variety of programs, such as Early Decision and Early Action mentioned below. Military programs, such as the service academies and ROTC scholarships, process applications very early in the Fall, so students should start that process in the Spring of the junior year.

The following are types of admissions plans available to applicants.

Decision Plans
Early Action-This plan is similar to the early decision plan; however, students notified of admissions need not accept the college’s offer of admissions but may file other applications.Several features to remember are:

  • early action candidates can be rejected
  • no financial awards are made until April in many cases.
  • candidates must have superior records, as the process is highly selective.

Early Action – Single Choice. There are a few colleges that have this plan. Under Single Choice, you may only apply to one college Early Action. Harvard, Yale, and Stanford are among the colleges that use this plan.

Early Decision – Early decision is a plan under which you may submit your credentials early to a college, usually by November 1 of your senior year. You are notified of your status by Mid-December. As part of an early decision plan, you are required to sign a statement agreeing to accept an offer of admission from that school if it is made.

Regular Admissions – The regular admissions process is the plan under which you submit your credentials during December or January.Your application is evaluated during February and March, and you are notified of your status by April 15.Most students apply to college under this plan.

Rolling Admission–Rolling admissions is the plan under which candidates submit credentials at their convenience up to a certain date, usually January 1. They receive an offer of acceptance or rejection within four weeks.