Career Information

Career Information Page
Steps you should take in finding a career:

  • Do a career interest survey like the one at The College Board. Also at the College Board is If you’ve taken the PSAT, then you have a free account at MyRoad - an excellent career exploration site.
  • Look at various questionnaires that help you organize your thoughts and aspirations such as theUniversity of Waterloo.
  • Read articles on careers and career searching at Career Magazine.
  • Look at actual job openings and see what kind of salary, skill requirements, experience necessary, location, and future openings at a site like
  • Discover related careers in the categories that The Occupational Outlook Handbook provides.
  • Or just click away at the sites below to explore the world of careers.

What can I do with a major in …..
These 46 pdf files show you occupations areas, likely employers, and strategies for getting jobs. 
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Specific Careers
Try any of these sites to get information on a career path.
The Occupational Outlook Handbook has them all!
Occupational Therapy
High Tech Careers
Audio Engineering
AlternativeYear – City Year
Physical Therapy
Occupational Outlook Handbook
Alternative – Up With People
Health Care Management